Läs vad tolkarna själva skriver

Tone Tingsgård som har regeringens uppdrag att utreda Afghanistaninsatsen har varit i Mazar-e-Sharif där Sverige hade sina trupper. Hon träffade där en grupp tolkar. De överlämnade ett brev till henne. I brevet beskriver de sin situation och ber om hjälp. Samtidigt beskriver de också hur kallsinnigt svenska staten behandlat dem och att den till och med har försett dem med felaktig information.

Tolkarna skriver:

Due to our faithful services to the Swedish Armed Forces for years, our names and contacts are now exposed to the insurgents and Taliban and our lives and that of our families are in danger, thus, we became very well-known and were more exposed to both Afghan Government officials, locals and ordinary people and the insurgents/Taliban. We were even always shown on TVs during the meetings, gatherings or other occasions by media. That is why we are now being targeted and we are receiving phone calls threatening us in dead due to serving your Government. On daily bases we are receiving calls threatening us to dead due to having helped the Pagans (Non-Believers). They specifically call our names and information which lead us to believe the calls are not in mistake or by chance. Even a couple of us for example (Amanullah Amani) have received a threat letter in this home lately.

Och om hur svenska staten har behandlat dem skriver de:

– We referred to PRT MeS before it was shut down several times, but the authorities did not show up to meet us at the gate. They denied any process of providing protection for interpreters, and gave us false information. Though we went there several times and each time we provided them the list of us and our problem, but the only responds we got was, ‘ PRT MeS cannot do anything with your cases, you have to go to a third country like Pakistan or Iran and apply for asylum, or contact the migration board of Sweden via internet.”
– We sent one of our delegates to Kabul Swedish Embassy but respond was that Sweden Embassy in Kabul does not handle visa or asylum/protection cases.
– We kept contact with migration board and sent e mails several times, but most of the times the e mails were in auto reply and some times, the answer was that we cannot be provided protection unless we are in Sweden soil.

Brevet kan laddas ned här. Namn och kontaktuppgifter har maskerats av säkerhetsskäl.

Om någon journalist vill komma i kontakt med någon av tolkarna kan vi bistå med att kontakta dem.